About Us

About Us

Empowering Transformation

Human Engineering Advisory (hea) is the innovation partner you need—a unique blend of business consultancy, creative agency, and technology powerhouse. We help you reimagine business as usual.

Innovating for Today's Imperatives

As a boutique innovation services firm, hea specializes in operationalizing and harnessing the power of innovation in today’s complex and disruptive world, where innovation is no longer a luxury but an existential business imperative.

Driving Growth & Impact

With a proven track record of building innovation-driven organizations, our mission is to empower your growth, secure a sustainable competitive edge, and drive positive societal impact.

Transforming Through Diverse Expertise

Our global team brings together diverse perspectives, deep industry expertise, and functional do-how. We possess an unwavering determination to challenge the status quo and ignite transformative change. Through cutting-edge management consulting, advanced technology and design, and strategic corporate venturing, we deliver tailored solutions that leave a lasting impact.


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Where experience speaks louder.

Our Values and Principles

Our values of innovation, collaboration, and impact are the driving forces behind our endeavors.



Our commitment to impact is unwavering. We measure success in 360º metrics, yielding results that matter to you and that resonate in the broader world.



We believe in the strength of working together, pooling our knowledge, and using collective expertise to create synergies that bring forth transformative outcomes.



At our core, we embrace innovation as the driving force behind our every endeavor. We foster a culture of continuous exploration, pushing boundaries to unveil groundbreaking solutions that redefine industries

Our Team

At hea, the human element lies at the core of our model.

We don’t see ourselves as mere consultants; instead, we become valuable team members who work hand in hand with our clients at every level of their organizations. Through this deep collaboration and co-creation, we foster a true partnership that empowers you to thrive and succeed.

Dr. Yazan Hijazi
Managing Partner
Rezeq Asali

Innovation & Investment Strategy

Goretti Arnaste
Engagement Partner
Duc Tran
Engagement Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

As an innovation partner, we go beyond traditional consultancy. We collaborate with your team to drive transformative change, leveraging our expertise in innovation, technology, and design. How we work hand-in-hand with you sets us apart — discover the unique value hea brings to redefine “innovation partnership.”

Culture transformation involves giving a workplace a positive makeover – it’s about changing the shared values, beliefs, behaviors, and norms within your organization to foster a more positive, adaptive, and aligned work environment.

Employee empowerment is the cornerstone of innovation and business excellence. By fostering a culture that values and empowers employees, we unlock their creative potential, drive innovation from within, and cultivate a workforce ready to tackle challenges head-on.

hea develops a corporate venturing strategy tailored to your unique business objectives, creating synergies and scalability for future growth. We identify strategic sectors and markets, assessing mutually beneficial investment opportunities within the startup ecosystem.

Our approach seamlessly integrates industry foresight, market trends, and customer insights, driving strategic execution, lead to  sustainable growth and a differentiated competitive edge.